Practical Swedish 2


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Content information

Starting level:

  • You want to learn Swedish and you already have limited prior knowledge or you have passed the level 1 course.
  • You are capable of conducting a brief and simple conversation in Swedish. You can introduce yourself, order something in a store or ask for directions. Speaking Swedish is still hard for you, however. You only manage short sentences and your vocabulary is limited to general topics.
  • You can understand people who speak slowly and clearly on a familiar topic.
  • You can read and write simple, short sentences.
  • When you use Swedish, you use the present tense and articles correctly. You master basic Swedish grammar and can recognize certain grammar elements in a text (adjektivböjning, plural forms, etc.), but you feel insecure about using them correctly yourself.
  • You take a placement test in the first session.


  • Listening skills: at the end of the course you will be able to understand sentences that relate to your personal interests (work, hobbies). The class dialogues contain many sound bites that gradually make you acquainted with Swedish.
  • Speaking skills: Communication takes centre stage: at the end of the course you will be able to conduct conversations on simple everyday topics, using only simple sentences.
  • Reading skills: each class features brief dialogues or texts that are read and consequently used for expanding your vocabulary or increasing your awareness of Swedish grammar. At the end of the course you will be able to retrieve information from simple, everyday texts, such as advertisements or brochures.
  • Writing skills: the new structures and expressions are applied in short and simple texts (writing a birthday card or a short note, filling out a form).
  • Specific grammar topics: preteritum, perfectum, the passive, relative clauses, future tenses, adverbs

Placement test: Yes

Administrative data

Course abbreviation: PZ2

Programme: VTO

Course fees

Price category: B

Useful info

Course book: UCT course book. You will receive this book from your language teacher in class.



Number of tuition hours: 30

Period: 2nd sem.

Nr. of hours per week: 1 x 2,5

Course book available at: UCT

For who?: All