Self-tests French

Qwerty keyboard?

Typing accented characters

  1. Make sure your keyboard is set to "United States - international"
  2. Type the accent key followed by a letter key

What about other special characters or if the tip above doesn’t work for you?

  1. Use alt-codes
  2. Below are the alt-codes of some selected characters:

à = Alt+133 (Press Alt-key while you type digits. Only then release Alt-key.)
Ç = Alt+128
ç = Alt+135
É = Alt+130
É = Alt+144
ê = Alt+136
ë = Alt+137
è = Alt+138
î = Alt+140
ñ= Alt+164
Ñ =Alt+165
ô = Alt+147
ò = Alt+149
û = Alt+150
ù = Alt+151
¿  =Alt+168
¡  =Alt+173