Academic Dutch

From experience with UCT courses such as ‘Academic Dutch for future students’ and ‘Writing papers efficiently’, we know that students need accurate and knowledgeable information about writing papers, reports and theses. This project will therefore provide the content of ‘Academic Dutch’ on the website, elaborated within the faculty of Arts and Philosophy. The following elements will be dealt with:  

  1. Defining and formulating the research question
  2. Looking for, assessing, and referring to documentation
  3. Text: academic text genres and their structure
  4. Cohesion: flow and academic vocabulary extension
  5. Formulating: academic style and integrity

Within this project, it is not our intention to merely convert a paper course into a digital platform to make it more widely available. One of the aims of this project is to invest more in making the information which has been adapted to the medium of websites as user-friendly and attractive as possible. On the one hand, this implies that the information is presented in texts which are as concise as possible and supported by as much visual material as possible. On the other hand, the project aims to present the information using non-textual resources, especially short films.