Remedying trajectory Academic Dutch (2008-2009)

The project Academic Dutch: remedying trajectory at Ghent University provided the development and the implementation of a series of courses of Academic Dutch for students of higher education. The target audience of this project consists out of immigrant students with a good daily knowledge of Dutch, but with insufficient written and oral skills to handle complex theoretical, scientific or academic text and tasks. The course gives students the necessary preparation to the language use in higher education and guides them actively over the course of their first year.

In many previous projects students did not appear to need a language course in which spelling and sentence structure are featured, but they did need an individually adapted learning trajectory in which the typical academic skills are practiced based on personal work and specific problems of the students ( a syllabus, a paper, an exam question, a presentation). Thus the syllabus is composed of authentic material from the different educations themselves (e.g. a filmed class, a part of a syllabus, example questions for exams). Linked to this, realistic assignments were created in which students are guided individually with their problems. To guarantee students this individual guidance, the online learning platform of Ghent University (Zephyr) is extensively used.

After the course, students start in higher education and they will experience success and possible problems. For this reason we organize monthly gatherings during the academic year, in which students get the opportunity to discuss their future and past assignments. Together with the other students feedback and tips are given. During these session students can also observe problems and motivate each other. Participants keep track of their progress in a language portfolio, in which a personal development plan, projects and course material, successes, individual practice material etc.

The course was first successfully organized in September 2009. The reactions of both students and teachers were positive.


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