VAN DEN EEDE, K. (2010) "The Language of Crime: English for Criminology Students." Leuven: Acco

The Language of Crime. English for Criminology Students aims to develop students' specialist language skills before they enter the job market. It is suitable for students at the upper-intermediate to advanced level and pays special attention to the needs of Dutchspeaking undergraduate students.

The book is divided into three main themes (lawmaking, lawbreaking, reactions to lawbreaking), each consisting of several units that focus on a specific topic. It contains extensive vocabulary lists in the field of criminology and law, as well as numerous authentic texts from a wide range of sources (including The Oxford Handbook of Criminology and several online newspapers). In order to help students develop a clear academic writing style, this book also revises common grammatical pitfalls and offers guidelines on how to use APA style. Finally, there are several role-plays, quizzes and other communicative activities, with a special focus on pronunciation and presentation skills.