Grants of the City of Ghent for day-time courses of Dutch

The City of Ghent pays a substantial amount of the course fee to those who do not speak Dutch and who would like to take a 60 hour Dutch day-time course. These grants are given within the framework of the Vlaams Stedenfonds 2014-2019 (Flemish City Fund). The grants will be awarded for courses taking place in 2016, subject to the city council's approval.

More information can be found in the City of Ghent grants regulations which is available at the UCT registration office.

Grants can be applied for at IN-Gent and must be approved before the start of the course. Apply for your grant in good time!

In those cases where a grant has been given undeservedly, an invoice for the amount due will be sent.

Contact, location and opening hours of IN-Gent: see and