Training cheques

For employees


Training cheques for employees are exclusively accepted within the scope of career guidance. More information can be found at VDAB - loopbaanbegeleiding

Training cheques cannot be combined with other discount options.

Students of UGent who wish to pay via training cheques cannot obtain the student discount and will be charged following the price category ‘Others’.

UGent staff who take a course which is paid by their department cannot submit training cheques.

Are you a clerk in an ANPCB-firm and do you take a vocational training outside the working hours financed by you? Then apply for training bonuses via Cevora.

For employers

Companies and self-employed individuals can also pay with training cheques. Please report this to the registration desk before enrolling.

Training cheques cannot be combined with other discount options.
ATTENTION: The file application (application for subsidies) should be made online via KMO-portefeuille  at the latest one day before the start of the course. After that, the UCT will not accept any training cheques. The UCT certification number that you need for your application is DV.O200542 (attention: the first character after DV. is a letter and not 'zero') Universitair Centrum voor Talenonderwijs – Vakgroep Taalkunde.

You are required to send us an order form (to detailing

  • the course that you or your employee will take,
  • the amount you would like to pay with training cheques,
  • the name of the person who will follow the course
  • your firm name

Your registration is not valid until receipt of the order form. You are required to send the order form to The UCT will forward an invoice featuring all relevant data for settling the payment. We can then fully enroll you.