Course fees - Dutch for Speakers of Other Languages

With the exception of price category B the following prices are per course. Prices include the course materials.

To find out the price category of the course you want to follow, check its course description.
You will find the course descriptions via the overview.

Price category UGent students (1) Ghent University incoming exchange students (3) Ghent University: employees (2) Others On grant City of Ghent (4)
A 215 65 (3) 340 415 119
AA 215 65 (3) 340 415 -
AAA 180 65 (3) 255 - -
B 3350 - - 3350 -



  • Ghent University students pay a reduced student course fee.
  • If you are a future Ghent University student, you pay the reduced student fee if you have already enrolled at Ghent University. If not, the full course fee is to be paid (cf "others"). In that case the student discount will be refunded if you send within one year an email to stating your student number. You also get the student discount already for Summer courses organized during the summer prior to your enrolment.
    • Summer courses are those courses that start in the period from July to the middle of September.
    • As a student you *cannot* pay by training cheques.

Ghent University employees pay a reduced course fee. The discount applies when you take a course as a private individual, as well as when your department pays the course fee.
Doctoral students are considered to be staff.

(3) Exchange students of Ghent University can use a digital voucher offered by the International Relations Office to take a language course at the UCT at a greatly reduced fee.

The incoming exchange students can use this digital voucher to take a special course of Dutch for exchange students. Their digital voucher is automatically processed in Oasis upon registration for this course.

This digital voucher counts exclusively for:

  • Day courses of Dutch for Speakers of Other Languages
  • Evening courses of Dutch for Speakers of Other Languages levels 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • Dutch for Exchange Students level 1
  • Ghent University has an agreement with your home institutions or you are studying at Ghent University in the Erasmus+ Traineeship framework
  • Your period of stay at Ghent University allows you to take the whole course

If you register for the evening course 'Dutch for Speakers of other Languages level 1', then the digital voucher doesn't count.

(4) The City of Ghent pays a substantial amount of the course fee to citizens of Ghent who do not speak Dutch and who would like to take a 60 hour Dutch day-time course. More details about grants of the city of Ghent for day-time courses of Dutch.