Registration: Dutch for speakers of other languages


For the day courses and the general orientation test you can register online up to 2 weeks before the start of a course.

For the evening courses of the second semester you can register online from 16/10/2017 until 30/01/2018. After that date you can only register via the registration office.

For the summer courses you can register online from 26/02/2018 onward.


  1.  You have a place in the course only when the full course fee has been paid. Cancelling is possible until two weeks before the start of a course.
  2.  You can register for a follow-up course before the end of your present course. After all, you are not automatically registered for a follow-up course. If you fail the final test you can either do the compulsory orientation test or cancel your registration for the next level without cost.
  3. For the day courses and the orientation test on Tuesday mornings you can register via our website up to one week before they start. After that you can only register in the registration office. In the latter case you can no longer pay by money transfer and have to pay immediately with your bank card.

Can I register for a course at the UCT?

Yes, if you have finished secondary school or are in the last year of secondary school.

Moreover, for the beginners’ level of Dutch for speakers of other languages, you should have a basic knowledge of English or French.

Some courses (e.g. Dutch for exchange students) are only for specific target groups.

There is a maximum of three consecutive enrolments for a specific course.

How do I register?

You can register in two ways:

  • in person: visit our registration office (opening hours). Remember to bring your electronic ID card!
  • through this website

Exchange students of Ghent University can use a digital voucher offered by the International Relations Office to  take a language course at the UCT at a greatly reduced fee.

The incoming exchange students can use this digital voucher to take a special course of Dutch for exchange students. Their digital voucher is automatically processed in Oasis upon registration for this course. 

This digital voucher counts exclusively for:

  • Day courses of Dutch for Speakers of Other Languages
  • Evening courses of Dutch for Speakers of Other Languages levels 2 and 3
  • Dutch for Exchange Students level 1

If you register for the evening course 'Dutch for Speakers of other Languages level 1', then the digital voucher doesn't count.

For what level do I register? + Orientation test

If you don’t know any Dutch, you should register for level 1.

Have you already acquired some knowledge of Dutch but have not yet taken a NT2 course at the UCT? Then you should register via this online form. You indicate that you already know Dutch and that you have never followed an NT2 course at the UCT. Then you select a testing date from the list. You can take the orientation test almost every Tuesday morning at 9 am. There is no test on 13/2/18, 3/4/18, 10/4/18, 1/5/18,  3/7/18, 10/7/18, 17/7/18 en 7/8/18. The testing room is mentioned at the back of your invoice / registration form.

You will receive by email (from a payment invitation. It is important that you take care that the fee is transferred into the UCT account at least one day before the test. Keep in mind that it can be 3 to 4 working days before we see a payment.

You pay 50 Euro for this test. This cost will afterwards be deducted from your course money if you register for a course.

Results can be obtained immediately after the test and you will then be assigned to a group of your level. The results of this test are binding!

For the evening courses: How will I know whether I have passed the orientation test?

Are you following a course at the UCT? Please do not wait until after the final test in order to register for the next level. Places are limited.

If you do not pass the final test, you can repeat your course. You also have the possibility to study at home for at least three weeks and then do the orientation test (OT) of the next level. This test usually takes place one week before the start of the course.

Until when can I register?

You can register as long as there are places available. In order to be sure of a place in a course, you should register as soon as possible. You can no longer register after the first two course sessions.

Preparatory Year of Dutch

On this page you will find our special brochure which includes detailed information on the specific enrolment procedure.