Registration for foreign languages

For the evening courses of the first semester you can only register via the registration office. To be sure of your place in the course you pay immediately with your bank card or credit card. You can no longer register for any first semester evening courses for beginners.

For the evening courses of the second semester you can register online until 26/01/2019. After this date you can register only via the registration office and pay with your bank card or credit card.

For the legal language courses you register via Oasis (*) . The course fee should be transferred immediately after receiving your payment invitation.

(*) Procedure:

  1. First time you use Oasis? Fill in your personal details.
  2. Select 'UCT enrolment'
  3. New enrolment application
  4. Select the right academic year
  5. Select an education (= the language you want to learn)
  6. Select the course and session of your choice
  7. Confirm
  8. As soon as the UCT has approved your enrolment application, you receive a payment invitation from

For UGent students, this registration will not influence their regular curriculum in Oasis.