Why collaborate with Ghent University - Machineries & Factories?

Expert partner

Machineries & Factories counts 125 experts, all of them are using or developing relevant state-of-the-art methods, tools and infrastructure. The group of experts includes both junior and senior researchers. Our whole team is eager to tackle also your challenges. With their know how and our experience in working with industry, they are able to quickly understand your application.

Working with us will strengthen your innovation project and bring your innovative product faster to the market.  

Connecting the dots

We are well connected with regional and international academic and industrial stakeholders. This means we will not only bring you in contact with one of our experts, when needed we will link you with other stakeholders in our network. As such you will get the opportunity to work in multi-partner projects, whereby academia and companies work together along the value chain or work together on a common challenge in several sectors or for different applications. 

Working with us will expand your network, enrich your innvation project and increase the business value of your innovative products.  


As a university we train young people to become professionals in industry or in academia. All our researchers try to make their results tangible illustrating the impact of new technology on industrial applications, when relevant research results are patent protected. Our researchers are continuously learning from their peers through publications and on conferences. In short, they are working on the frontier of technology. 

Working with us will allow you to understand what the scientific, technological trends are and why they are important for your application.  

How we work with companies

Research & valorisation

There are several ways we can work with you, examples are:

  • Service agreements to tackle a burning challenge, in Flanders we are a 'registered technology provider' in the KMO portefeuille
  • Service agreements based on our test infrastructure and tools
  • Bilateral research projects wherein our expertise strengthens your innovation projects and speeds up time to market
  • Subsidized research projects (e.g. VLAIO research project or VLAIO development project)
  • Subsidized multi-partner research projects working along the value chain or on the same technology from different applications in Flanders (e.g. FLanders Make ICON projects) or in Europe (e.g. H2020 Factory-of-the-Future (FoF)) 
  • Longer term strategic company projects leading to an in-house PhD e.g. VLAIO Baekeland

Education and training

Upgrade your knowledge or that of your team

  • Continuous learning provided by XiaK and/or UGain (e.g. black belt in LEAN) 
  • Events to disseminate project results, recent tools and IP
  • Join a PhD defense, watch our calendar

Contact us to understand how we can work together

Information for our researchers

M&F can assist you in

  • Understanding the value of your research
  • Turning your project results into real life 
  • Building an industrial network
  • Collaborating with companies
  • Setting up and managing multi-partner projects 
  • Communicating your ideas

More information for researchers is available here.

Information for students

M&F reaches out to the student community: