Official opening - new drivetrain test infrastructure

Test infrastructure for advanced thermal characterization & validation of drivetrain systems & components

Tomorrows vehicles and machines have to meet ever increasing targets in terms of power density, energy efficiency and reliability. This directly impacts on the drivetrain systems of those machines and vehicles and creates big challenges both for companies using those drivetrains as well as for companies developing and manufacturing drivetrain systems or components.

Does this sounds familiar for your business?

  • Do you want to understand & characterize power losses in your drivetrain system or component?
  • Do you need to build or validate power loss models?
  • Have you ever experienced the limitations of torque-based measurements?
  • Do you need to perform system temperature analysis including identification of fast rotating hotspots and thermal component interaction
  • Are you trying to validate low-cost IR sensors?


Please join the official opening of this new FlandersMake@UGent test infrastructure for advanced thermal characterisation & validation of drivetrain systems and components. 

This unique and flexible test infrastructure with calorimeter and high speed thermal camera is designed to measure losses with very high accuracy (<1%) on various combinations of electric motors, transmissions and power electronics with real load emulation and even for repetitive dynamic motion profiles. 


17h00 - Presentations:

  • Cooperating with Flanders Make (Filip De Coninck, CVO Flanders Make)
  • Industrial relevance of test infrastructure (Marc Engels, COO Flanders Make)
  • Technical overview including live stream measurement (prof. Kurt Stockman, Ghent University)
  • Test infrastructure modalities of use (Benjamin Verschaeve, Ghent University)
  • First customer user experience (Steven Vanhee, Dana)

18h00 - Guided visit to the infrastructure & networking reception:

  • Check the high-speed thermal camera on a running drivetrain component
  • Take a look inside the calorimeter with an installed DUT to explore the possibilities for your company

20h00 - End