PhD Arne De Keyser - Sensing-Control Architecture for Energy-Efficient Actuation of an All-Electric Dual-Drive Powertrain

25-08-2020 from 17:00 to 17:00
Arne De Keyser
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public defense of the doctoral thesis

Within this research an all-electric dual-drive powertrain is studied in more detail. Exploiting two different electric motors, of which one may be suited for highway driving and the other for urban traffic for example, can increase the overall energy efficiency of the vehicle. An optimal actuation at the level of both the individual motors and the global system is hereby aimed for. Advanced data-driven and model-based techniques are developed from this perspective to translate the available sensor information into close-to-optimal actuation of the powertrain in a limited time during realistic road trips. Energy efficiency is key in each step of this process.

Arne is working at UGent-FlandersMake