PhD - Linnan Sun - Hybrid Excitation Generator System for Aerospace Applications

PhD - Linnan Sun - Hybrid Excitation Generator System for Aerospace Applications

By converting most of the pneumatic and hydraulic systems in aircraft to electric, the concept of the more electric aircraft is proposed. The more electric aircraft system is being widely recognized as the future for the aerospace industry to meet the power demands of increasing electric loads, reducing aircraft emissions, improving fuel economy, and improving maintainability.

The starter generator is the core component of the aircraft generation system. The brushless technology – used today – is essential for the modern more electric aircraft power system as brushed DC machines feature inherent drawbacks, failing to provide the needed growing electric power. The most widely used brushless generator in the aircraft power system is the wound rotor synchronous machine. It features high reliability due to the complete demagnetization under failure conditions by cutting off the field current. However, the rotating diode rectifier and the wound rotor result in a more complex rotor.

In this dissertation, two alternative generation systems are proposed and investigated: the hybrid excited brushless DC generator system and the circulating current excited generator system based on a switched reluctance machine. The two generation systems are optimized and comparatively studied for the aerospace generation system application. These two systems have the advantages of simpler configurations because the stator-wound field winding is on the stator instead of the rotor.


  • Prof. dr. Peter Sergeant
  • Prof. dr. Hendrik Vansompel
  • Prof. dr. Zhuoran Zhang