Metals at full speed towards the energy transition

New metals projects on energy transition (large view)

New metals projects on energy transition

(13-02-2020) 2 new Metals research projects on energy transition are about to start

Starting 1 March 2020, Ghent University will start 7 new energy transition projects, funded by the Federal Energy Transition Fund (ETF). The projects have a total budget of 15.4 million euro and further consolidate the leading role of Ghent University in domains such as offshore wind.

Metals professor Wim De Waele will coordinate the MAXWind project and is partner in the FATCOR project. Both projects focus on optimizing the design and lifetime of steel structures for offshore wind energy. By integrating scientific insights with operational data from data gathered at Belgian offshore wind farms, unique and ground breaking results are expected.

Partners in these projects encompass Université de Liège, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Sirris, the Belgian Welding Institute, Rentel, Parkwind, Iemants en OCAS. The execution of the project will further be supported by the Innovative Business Network Offshore Energy and the OWI Lab initiative.