Apple’s popularity is decreasing

Apple is asked to take precautions to limit the iPhone-use of children. Prof. Lieven De Marez thinks Apple will be forced to make these changes otherwise it will lose its unique selling proposition. He also stated that not only Apple is to blame, but also the parents. They are also responsible for the smartphone use of their children.

08.01.2018 - De liefde voor Apple vervaagt, De Morgen

09.01.2018 - De iPhone is geen onschuldig speeltje, De Morgen, p 3

09.01.2018 - Tast in eigen boezem, ouders, De Morgen, p 3

BRON: De Morgen, 9/01/2018, p 3
BRON: De Morgen, 9/01/2018, p 3