mict in the media 2019

mict researchers - juniors to professors - share insights with various news media outlets. This page gives an overview of the 2019 contributions.


Technology in 2040 (Gazet van Antwerpen, December 24)

The storm at VRT (De Morgen, December 24)

Hollywood vs. Netflix (De Morgen, December 23)

Is a smartphone addictive? (De Standaard, December 22)

Flanders is giving in to Neflix (Knack, December 18)

Locals against global giants in convincing advertisers (De Morgen, December 11)



The ‘big five’ in Flemish media (De Morgen, November 20)

Market is saturated, yet TikTok enters streaming war (De Morgen, November 20)

When the Premier League’s war on piracy came to Dublin (The Currency, November 13)

Hello Jenny: how does it work? (Radio 2, November 7)

New radio stations keep on coming (De Standaard, November 6)

More than 70% of Flanders stays loyal to FM (De Morgen, November 5)

Does DAB+ has benefits compared to FM? (StuBru, November 4)

Welcome in the world of Tik Tok (De Tijd, November 2)



Hello Jenny: how a smart speaker can offer a solution for loneliness (Online, October 20)

Analog TV will disappear (De Standaard, October 10)



Media policy must be more ambitious (De Tijd, September 28)

Save on staff, not on quality (HLN, September 25)

Will we dump the decoder? (De Standaard, September 14)

Is the end of the selfie near? (Humo, September 2)

The future versus the individual (Pixii, September)



Is Pickx bad for the Belgian television? (De Morgen, August 29)

FairTube (De Morgen, August 24)

The smartphone celebrates its 25th birthday (Various, August 16-17)

Mobile Vikings launches a reload card with data only (Various, August 5-6)

Will swiping disappear? (De Morgen, August 2)



Six tips to do digital detox (Het Laatste Nieuws, July 30)

Why do we worry? (Mensenkennis, July 25)

How to learn your child screen-discipline (Het Nieuwsblad, July 16)



Do we need to be scared of 5G-masts? (Humo, June 25)

Teens play online games for more than 15 hours a week (various, June 17)

Who wants another cloud of pop music? (De Morgen, June 4)

Tips from Prof. dr. Lieven De Marez about smartphone use during the exams (MNM, Marathonradio, June 3)

Neibo: citizins who organize their own telecom (MO, June 2)



Help, i'm chained to my smartphone! (Het Nieuwsblad, May 23) 

The city of Ghent prevents loneliness amongst elderly people via sensors and a smart speaker "Hello Jenny" (Nieuwsblad, May 20)

We use our smartphone 88 times a day (HLN, May 10)

The generation between 25 to 35 years has the biggest problem with smartphone use (De Morgen, May 8)

'Hello Jenny' wins 'Smart City' grant (Stad Gent, May 7)



Smartphones at school: hotspot or notspot? (Klasse, April 24)

Netflix is ready for the battle with Disney and Apple (De Standaard, April 18)

Netflix has changed the rules (HLN, April 10)

Teens and screens (De Morgen, April 9)

Launch of the 'Hot seats' project at The Krook (Nieuwsblad, April 3)



Again delay for super fast 5G (De Morgen, March 28)

Apple enters the arena where Netflix rules (De Morgen, March 25)

Daily portion of TV and videos: 4 hours 46 minutes (HLN, March 15) 

What managers can learn from science fiction (Trends, March 14)

Why I want to pay for Facebook (VRT NWS, March 12)

Facebook shifts focus from open platform to private conversations (HLN, March 7) 

That's how you kick off your smartphone (Trends, March 7)

No likes, no self confidence (HLN, March 5)



The flexible smartphone becomes the hype of the year (De Morgen, February 26)

Digimeter results 2018 (Various, February 6-21)

While young people no longer like Facebook, the number of people over 65 is exploding on social media (February 2)

VTM consist 30 years: the channel that drastically changed our media (VRT NWS, February 1)



The smartphone has reached its expiry date: what will be successor (De Morgen, January 31)

Factcheck: 'Facebook is for old people' (De Knack, January 30)

We need a dietician for our smartphone use (De Morgen, January 29)

3 out of 4 Flemish people try to limit smartphone use: how can you best deal with it? (VRT NWS, January 28)

Facebook and I (Canvas, January 28)

Star reporter makes up stories (De Morgen, January 24)

Why Facebook ads barely influence your political beliefs (Knack, January 22)