mict in the media 2020

mict researchers - juniors to professors - share insights with various news media outlets. This page gives an overview of the 2020 contributions.


Series for youngsters (Het Nieuwsblad, December 29)

We keep paying too much for internet (De Morgen, December 23)

Difficult year for the cinema industry (De Morgen, December 5)


Dating apps more successful due to the corona crisis (Het Nieuwsblad, November 28)

DPG Media about Mobile Vikings (De Morgen, November 25)

Friendship in times of corona (De Standaard, November 20)

iPhone mini: size matters (Het Nieuwsblad, November 14)

Generate game (Humo, November 10)



Disney goes all-in on streaming (Various, October 14)

Digital inequality: interview for Radio 1 (Radio 1, October 13)

Planet positive (Flair, October 13)

Drama for a lot of movie theaters (De Morgen, October 6)



Algorithms can inform us better (Knack, September 28)

The impact of the corona crisis on mental health (Apache, September 21)

Singapore's health program (De Standaard, September 16)

Streamz vs Disney+ vs Netlfix (Various, various)



Opinion by Glen Joris about advertising on YouTube to children (De Standaard, August 31)

Disney wants to be the best 'babysitter' (De Tijd, August 14)

New channels: VTM2, 3 & 4 (Various, August 11)

Opinion by Cato Waeterloos about Challenge Accepted and BlackLivesMatter (WeekendKnack, August 4)



New stricter rules for VRT (Various, July 2)



New - App TV  (De Standaard, June 11)



The smartphone use of Flemish adults during the COVID-19 pandemic (Various, Various)



Multitasking with screens (Het Nieuwsblad, March 21)

Why we suffer from luxury fear (Knack, March 18)

Why posting your tears online is good for you (De Morgen, March 14)

How you can ensure that citizens get news from more different sources (svdj, March 12)

Illegal content on biggest pornwebsite? (De Morgen, March 10)

Facebookgroups: you are from ... (De Standaard, March 10)

Binge watching is not so good for business (De Morgen, March 3)



Netflix also invests in reality programs (Het Laatste Nieuws, February 28)

Digimeter results 2019 (Various, February 20)

Politicians discover the app TikTok (Various, February 14)

DPG Media & Telenet will launch the flemish version of 'Netflix' (Various, Various)

Together with VUB and VRT we officially launched our Chair ‘Media in a Society in Transition’ (De Morgen, February 10)

Lieven De Marez as an expert about smartphones (De Standaard Online, February 9)

TikTok - widely popular video app (Various, February 7)

DPG Media has a new CEO (De Morgen, February 6)


Netflix starts with dubbing in Dutch (De Morgen, January 28)

Let youngsters keep in track of their own smartphone use via an app (Het Laatste Nieuws, January 25)

Even when they go out, they don't stop gaming (Various, January 15)