mict in the media 2021

mict researchers - juniors to professors - share insights with various news media outlets. This page gives an overview of the 2020 contributions.


Can video games change the behavior of youngsters? (April 28, VRT)

Social media trends regarding the covid-19 vaccination (April 24, De Morgen)

Digimeter result 2020 (April 20, various)

Watching Oscar movies from home (April 13, De Morgen)

How to use a fitness tracker the best (April 13, De Standaard)

research results about sexting (April 7, De Morgen)


Telenet has a good position again in the value chain (March 31, De Morgen)

Popularity of the Strava sport app (March 25, Newsweek)

Impact of the coronavirus measures on friendships (March 20, Various)

New channel: VTM Gold (March 1, De Morgen)


Disney+ in battle with Netflix (February 23, Various)

TikTok compared to other social media (February 3, HLN - Nina)


The program 'Vlaanderen Vakantieland' is returning to television (January 28, het belang van Limburg)

About social media (January 20, Knack)