Free webinar: Campus security by Marlies Sas and Prof. Koen Ponnet

11-05-2021 from 10:30 to 12:00
Marlies Sas

Securing college and university campuses and their immediate environment

College and university campuses and their environments are characterized by specific properties that pose major challenges in terms of security, nuisance / crime and perception of insecurity. Under the supervision of Professors Wim Hardyns, Koen Ponnet and Genserik Reniers, Marlies Sas sought an efficient security model in her doctoral research in which the balance between maintaining an open campus and creating a secure environment for students and staff is central. Specific attention is paid to the human factor in security policy and the sense of security on and around campus. Based on the findings from the doctoral research, this webinar provides tools for higher education institutions and cities and municipalities to optimally secure and organize both the campus and its immediate surroundings. 


  1. Introduction by Prof. Wim Hardyns (Antwerp University & Ghent University - Criminology)
  2. About campus security by Maries Sas (PhD student - promotor: Prof. Koen Ponnet, Prof. Genserik Reniers & Prof. Wim Hardyns)
  3. Q&A

The webinar is free, we just ask you to register here.