EUniverCities Network Meeting on Arts and Culture

07-06-2022 17:00 to 09-06-2022 22:00
University of Exeter

The EUniverCities network explores collaborations between European cities and universities. As such, this network exchanges insights on processes and frameworks to collectively tackle wicked urban challenges. Bas Baccarne will be presenting the CoGhent project as an example of such processes.

In the CoGhent project, the goal is to increase social cohesion, using culture and technology as an interface to bridge the gap between a wide variety of neighborhood residents. Hence, there was a need to transform and merge knowledge from different domains (such as civic participation, social cohesion and technological opportunities) and different organizational perspectives (such as different policy levels, hardware development, software development and social sciences). Transforming society though shifting interfaces, through a process of co-creation, prototyping, testing and collective learning. This is what we at mict-UGent believe in, and love to contribute to.