Future of Culture - Closing event Museum Of Things for People

19-09-2019 from 10:00 to 17:00
De Krook - zaal Blauwe Vogel
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FUTURE OF CULTURE is a free event that wants to think about he future of culture and the impact of technology on the culture sector.

FUTURE OF CULTURE consists of three major parts:

  • In a 1st part (10:00 - 12:30) we focus on the results and learnings of the Museum of Things for People project.
  • In a second part (13:30 - 17:00) we dive into the future of the cultural sector. Three speakers provide the necessary inspiration, followed by a panel of experts who will discuss it with you as a participant.
  • In a 3rd and final part (17:30 - 19:30) you can test the free IoT tracking setup yourself in the Design Museum Ghent.

Part I:

Museum of Things for People is a Smart City project supported by Flanders in which several partners are researching the impact of IoT technology in a museum.
These partners will present their findings and learnings on September 19. In addition to the technology used, attention is also paid to user research, the use of data and the privacy impact. In short, all aspects are covered.

Part II:

We take the opportunity to extend this day with a study afternoon on the future of the cultural sector. Together with Cultuurconnect we invite three national and international top speakers on this theme. The focus will not be solely on technology.

  • 2030 by Tom Palmaerts - We cannot predict the future, but by framing small vibrations in major evolutions and trends we can propose possible futures. In 11 years we will be living in the year 2030. Tom Palmaerts from Trendwolves is doing research on which social phenomena will be important then. He likes to play with thinking about the future ... but thinking about the future is only interesting if we can get started today. Tom tells the story of 2030 "now" because culture makers can also get inspiration from it "now".
  • Battle for the third space by Fredo De Smet - What will the role of museums and the broad cultural sector be in 2030? How can we design those places as a third space where public life takes place according to standards, and new ideas arise?
  • Other speakers will be confirmed later.

Part III:

As an extra the day ends at the Design Museum where everyone can try out the IoT tracking setup and / or chat with a drink and a snack.

Future of culture


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