Info day - The use of Open Standards for Linking Organizations (OSLO) in practice

06-12-2019 from 09:00 to 17:00
Herman Teirlinkgebouw - Bruxelles
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Many (public) organisations maintain and exchange different types of data. To simplify, streamline and automate this process, OSLO, Open Standards for Linking Organisations, is available. This initiative of the Flemish government aims to achieve standardisation for the exchange of data in a broad sense, by recording the meanings of concepts, words and definitions and how to structure them in own databases or software packages. Read all about it on these pages.

In recent years, a number of OSLO standards have been developed. Interoperability will only become a reality if these standards are widely applied. That is why it is important that the different entities, regional and local, and the people who have to work with them, have knowledge about how they can do this and what exactly the added value is.

During this training day we will explain OSLO as a concept, we will show what standards, information and tools already exist. There are specific sessions for the different profiles (business manager, analyst and developers) who help to work with OSLO from their specific role.


The training day consists of two parts:

  1. In the plenary part we give a short introduction about OSLO and what is on the agenda during the day. We give the floor to a number of people who work with OSLO to talk about their motives and experience;
  2. Then there are the break-out sessions with a specific training for business managers, analysts and developers.


More information? Contact researchers Eveline Vlassenroot or Mathias Van Compernolle