Keynote by Prof. Lieven De Marez @ EAI GoodTechs 2020

15-09-2020 from 09:00 to 10:00
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Empowering Users in Domesticating Technology

Digital transformation comes in waves: internet, mobile, IoT, AI, etc. In terms of adoption and use the first two waves were quite disruptive. But they also left a feeling that might be determined for the way we will (be able to) take the next two waves. Parallel with an increasing internalization of digital habits, people also struggle with a kind of double feeling. On the one hand, embracing the benefits of technology with passion, but on the other hand increasingly worrying about dependency, addiction, disinformation, privacy … and more and more seeking ways to regain and reclaim control over technology. In his presentation, Prof. Lieven De Marez will share ‘Digimeter’ insights on how we monitor this dual relation with technology, and tap into some case studies in which we develop(ed) new interfaces to empower people in a digital society and regain control over screen time, mobile dependency and filter bubbles in news consumption.