QoMEX 2023 - The 15th International Conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience

20-06-2023 10:00 to 22-06-2023 17:00
de Krook

This year the 15TH International Conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience will be held in Ghent.

It will bring together leading experts from academia and industry to present and discuss current and future research on multimedia quality, quality of experience (QoE) and user experience (UX).

Even more exciting, prof. dr. Mariek Vanden Abeele will give a keynote speech in which she will present different theoretical perspectives on digital well-being, addressing critical questions about how and why we should digitally disconnect.
What is more, mict is also part of the organizing committee with Evelien De Waele-De Guchtenaere serving as local arrangement co-chair and Aleksandra Zheleva as social media co-chair.

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