SOLID - Citizens in control of their own personal data

28-09-2020 from 13:00 to 15:45
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Informatie Vlaanderen, imec and Ghent University are organizing a virtual theme day about SOLID.

On September 28 Informatie Vlaanderen, imec-IDLab-UGent and imec-mict-UGent will organize a thematic day about SOLID: a decentralized technology that gives individuals a place to store rich personal data and the ability to control permissions on that data. The focus of the webinar is on the opportunity of SOLID in the domains of culture and media, mobility and government.

This new technological conceptualization is a promising way for users to receive more power to control their personal data and to decide on the data exchange with other parties, such as government, e-commerce platforms, online banking and new digital services.

Minister-President Jan Jambon, VRT-CEO Frederik Delaplace and inventor of the World Wide Web Sir Tim-Berners Lee will set the scene. imec-IDLab-UGent Prof. Ruben Verborgh and imec-mict-UGent colleagues Prof. Lieven De Marez, Mathias Van Compernolle en Eveline Vlassenroot will also present their insights and chair parallel sessions.

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