Digital Living Lab Days "Connecting people & technology towards a citizen centered digital future" - September 2-4

(01-09-2020) Together with imec.livinglabs we are hosting this digital edition of the Open Living Lab Days.

For this year's edition De Krook (Ghent) would have been transformed in a collaborative space for all Living Lab researchers and practitioners to share insights and experiences, co-hosted by ENoLL, imec.livinglabs and imec-mict-UGent. Due to COVID-19, however, this annual event is transformed to the first digital edition of the Open Living Lab Days ever organized. This event will be packed with training sessions, talks, new methodologies and tools and networking activities. The spirit of the Krook in a digital environment. We’re up to that challenge!

This event brings together researchers, practitioners, city representatives, industry partners, and (EU) policy representatives. We will be fueling this conference by supporting academic research tracks, by chairing several academic research sessions and by organizing a doctoral consortium for PhD students working in this domain.

The research papers and presentations will be one of the cornerstones of this digital conference. Papers were submitted in four different categories to encourage a diverse participation of actors. Two of those submissions were from our very own PhD-students and got accepted.


Check out the full program here

Open Living Lab Days 2020 paper presentationsOpen Living Lab Days 2020 paper presentation Olivia De Rucyk