'ExperienceDNA' our new tool to design the perfect user experience for your future innovations

(18-03-2021) In an ever-digitizing society, we face a new wave of smart products. Interfaces are shifting, leading to a complex interplay of interactions people are not always aware of.

To simulate these scenarios and automatically unravel the DNA of these new experiences, we developed a new tool 'EXPERIENCE DNA'

First, we simulate the right context, we draw from a vast online library of VR spaces or use our state-of-the-art 3D scanning tools to digitize your own physical spaces. In this context you can interact with envisioned products, via trackable mockups. You can also communicate with other people, represented by virtual agents while we capture what you say, what you do, what you see and even what you feel. We use a synergy of technologies including motion capture, eye-tracking, face-tracking and physiological sensors neatly synchronized in one tool. ExperienceDNA can be applied in numerous domains, such as : surveillance , smart health applications, smart industry and even new cultural experiences or smart schools.

ExperienceDNA provides everything you need to design the perfect user experience for your future innovations! 

Contact: Prof. dr. Ing. Jelle Saldien