JOB OFFER – Three full-time PhD fellows for a fundamental research project on Personal Data Management

(29-06-2021) Application deadline: August 31, 2021 at 23:59 (CET)

In the context of a strategic and fundamental research project on decentralized technologies that give individuals a place to store personal data and that provide them with control over who gets access to what data, we are looking for three enthusiastic researchers who would like to develop a PhD on this theme under supervision of Prof. dr. Lieven De Marez.   

Personal information management software systems provide users with opportunities to manage their personal information, giving them granular control over that information and how it is shared and used. Personal information management systems (PIMs) in the form of individual 'data vaults' such as cozy, meeco, izimi or solid enable users to manage their own data. Companies or governments, if they get permission from the user, can access certain data from those 'vaults' via a secure connection and for a specific-defined task. Personal data vaults can also be an important building block for an innovative data-driven economy in Flanders. 

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