Book by Prof. dr. Lieven De Marez 'Know your digital DNA'

(03-05-2019) The book 'Know your digital DNA' of Prof. dr. Lieven De Marez is published by Pelckmans. Prof. De Marez gives an insight into the way you might depend on apps and how to strive for a more balanced smartphone usage if needed.

Kristof D'hanens from the department of Communication Sciences interviewed Prof. dr. Lieven De Marez about his book 'Know your digital DNA' and talked about smartphones, apps and rules.

Why did you wrote this book?

Many parents worry about digibesitas with their children, whether they are 2 or 16 years old. But the debate around it is often very polarized. You are either against smartphones, or you don't think rules are needed at all.
2018 was a turning point in that area: people, the market and society started to react, but often it was an overreaction. Just think of President Macron who has banned all smartphones in high schools.

Should parents worry about the smartphone use of their children?

There is quite a bit of moral panic. We shouldn't overdo things by forbidding smartphone use, but we should try to dose it. You see that parents often impose rules, without knowing why that rule exists or they violated those rules themselves. In my book I'm in favor of a good dialogue between partners and children and I will not argue for rule x/y or give 10 commandments for good smartphone use. 

Why should we definitely buy your book?

To unravel your own digital DNA. I want to make the unconscious tangible. Many people experience that they or their loved ones are sometimes too busy with their smartphone, but do not know how to deal with it.
In this book I explain the patterns that emerge in our smartphone behaviour. So the reader can make informed decisions based on this.

'Know your digital DNA' was published by publisher Pelckmans and now for sale via this website or in your favorite bookshop.