News bulletin

15-07-2019 CITADEL: Empowering citizens to transform European public administrations
07-06-2019 PUBLICATIONS - 1 new A1 article and 2 A2 articles and 1 book published in May
29-05-2019 mict is one of the key partners of the new Flemish Expert Centre on Data & Society
16-05-2019 Congratulations! dr. Johanna Renny Octavia is granted a funding from Global Minds Fund
09-05-2019 Congratulations! 'Hello Jenny' won the 'Smart City' grant!
06-05-2019 PUBLICATIONS - 1 new A1 article and 3 A2 articles published in April
03-05-2019 Book by Prof. dr. Lieven De Marez 'Know your digital DNA'
29-04-2019 The TMaaS-project won the Belfius Smart Belgium Award!
03-04-2019 PUBLICATIONS - 6 new A1 articles, 1 A2 article and a book chapter
03-03-2019 PUBLICATION - Web 25. Histories from the first 25 years of the world wide web
20-02-2019 imec.digimeter 2018: Love-hate relationship with technology
08-02-2019 PUBLICATION - Mathias Van Compernolle pusblished a book: Open data for local governments: opportunities and challenges
28-01-2019 Exhibition 'My smartphone, my friend?' @ De Krook
23-01-2019 Former visiting professor dr. Eric Van Heesvelde passed away
22-01-2019 PUBLICATION - SOLIS: a smart interactive system for houseplants caring
21-01-2019 PUBLICATIONS - E-Government and Smart Cities
14-01-2019 OPINION - Jonas De Meulenaere about local Facebook groups
20-12-2018 Best Wishes for 2019!
17-12-2018 Students crack the innovation code
06-12-2018 Our master student Thibault Fouquaert wins entrepreneurship strand at ‘Hack the Future’