PUBLICATIONS - E-Government and Smart Cities


In December the open access journal Media and Communication published a thematic issue on 'E-Government and Smart Cities'. This issue, edited by dr. Peter Mechant and dr. Nils Walravens (imec-smit-vub) presents five articles and one commentary related to e-government and smart cities. All contributions take a use-case driven research approach to investigate, discuss and comment (on) overarching themes such as data, governance and participation which are inherently linked to the concepts of e-government and smart cities. Contributions in this issue include “Technology Readiness and Acceptance Model as a Predictor for the Use Intention of Data Standards in Smart Cities” co-authored by mict researchers Mathias Van Compernolle, Eveline Vlassenroot and dr. Peter Mechant, as well as articles by colleagues from VUB, KUL and University of Namur.


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