ROLECS project - The New Docks


The 'New' in New Docks does not simply refer to the fact that a brand new neighborhood is being built on the docks in Ghent. It also shows daring to look beyond tomorrow and wanting to actively think about the sustainable neighborhood of the future. In the neighbourhood, energy and heat are used very efficiently, electric cars are charged at off-peak times, and the warm water comes from waste water from the neighboring soap factory.

Imec-mict-Ugent conducted research within the ROLECS project, into the willingness and motivations of (future) residents to join such a local energy network. They examined the drivers and existing barriers. In addition, they also devised a new interface that is suitable for achieving behavioral change in these energy communities.

More Information about the project
Contact: dr. Peter Conradie & Olivia De Ruyck
  • Peter D. Conradie, Olivia De Ruyck, Jelle Saldien, Koen Ponnet, Who wants to join a renewable energy community in Flanders? Applying an extended model of Theory of Planned Behaviour to understand intent to participate, Energy Policy, Volume 151, 2021,112121, ISSN 0301-4215,

  • De Ruyck, O., Conradie, P., De Marez, L., & Saldien, J. (2021). Mona Prisa : a tool for behaviour change in renewable energy communities. In N. Shaghaghi, F. Lamberti, B. Beams, R. Shariatmadari, & A. Amer (Eds.), Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment, 12th EAI International Conference, INTETAIN 2020, Proceedings (Vol. 377, pp. 102–117). Virtual Event: Springer.