JOB – Full time PhD student for the FWO-project IMPERIO: behavioral change Interventions Made PERsonal, engagIng & lOng-term

(28-06-2022) Within imec-mict-UGent, the following full time position is vacant: a PhD scholarship (1+3 years) for the FWO project IMPERIO: Personalized and engaging digital interventions for behavior change to facilitate long-term effects.

Digital interventions for behavior change are increasingly being developed and tested. Compared to real personal coaches, they can be more cost-effective and scalable. However, they fail to create the same level of engagement and have limited long-term effects due to a lack of personalized guidance, an undisputed strength of real-life coaching.

 This project aims to develop and evaluate an effective smoking cessation program, through a conversational agent or "chatbot" that will be deployed as a virtual coach guiding the user through a personalized and contextualized program.

  • You will develop a theoretical framework
  • You will conduct studies
  • You will write scientific articles
  • You will participate in (inter)national scientific conferences


Check out the vacancy (in Dutch)!