WHITE PAPER - Definitions of Immersive Media Experience

(26-08-2020) QUALINET officially announced its White Paper on Definitions of Immersive Media Experience

The aim of this white paper is to provide a survey of definitions of immersion and presence which leads to a definition of immersive media experience (IMEx). The Quality of Experience (QoE) for immersive media is described by establishing a relationship between the concepts of QoE and IMEx followed by application areas of immersive media experience. Influencing factors on immersive media experience are elaborated as well as the assessment of immersive media experience. Finally, standardization activities related to IMEx are highlighted and the white paper is concluded with an outlook related to future developments.

The authors — among which mict’s own dr. Wouter Durnez — propose a consensus on the meaning of ubiquitous XR concepts such as presence and immersion.

Read the full paper here