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During this experiment you perform a cognitive task while your brain activity is being measured!

This will be done by EEG, a safe and painless technique in which electrical brain activity is measured by 64 sensors that are attached to the head with a cap that allows to place them on different parts of the head.

In addition to EEG, skin conduction and eye movement will be measured by few external sensors. Afterwards you will be asked to complete a very short questionnaire.

Next we will ask you to install our Mobile DNA app that collects data of your smartphone activity. The MobileDNA app does not record what you send to someone or what you do online, but records in an anonymous way how long and how often you use certain apps. We will ask you to keep the app for one week period.


Some practical information:

Duration: the experiment will take approximately 1h30min, but you will only actively perform the task for 30min (and the rest is preparation and some time to take breaks) plus a few minutes to complete a couple of very short questions. Right after the experiment we will help you with the Mobile DNA app installation so you don't need to worry about anything!

Incentive: you will receive 15 euro on your bank account and you can take a look at your brain activity!

Location: this experiment takes place in the UGent labs in the Krook (-2).


Your data will only be used for the purposes of the experiment.