User-centric innovation research

Innovation has become a central issue in the strategy and mission statement of almost all media and ICT companies. However, innovation often doesn’t suffice: user-centricity is a necessary condition to truly become innovative.

MICT is continuously (re)searching for the most optimal combination of methods and expertise in all phases of innovation development. Existing methods are insufficient to guarantee this user-centric innovation development. Therefore MICT invests continuously in developing new methodological approaches.


  • Product Specific Adoption Potential (PSAP): research to correctly assess adoption potential and to avoid overestimations of market potential.
  • Quality of Experience – Quality of Service (QoE-QoS): approach to bridge experience assessment and the translation of these insights into actionable initiatives for developers.
  • Living Lab approaches that enable user-centric innovation research for SME’s.

The extensive methodological expertise of the MICT’s research team resulted, for example, in a People Innovation & Participation (PIP) Toolbox, a card set to be consulted when doing user-driven innovation research.

You can download a sample of the card set here.