Unicorn provides coaching to managers and employees of companies. They focus on the individual dimension of change. They guide individuals, teams and companies in their development via the 4C model, namely consciousness, competence, continuity and commitment. After they provide coaching it is up to the individual to start working on their own development. Unicorn wants to provide follow up for those individuals by providing an application that will help them to bridge the critical period of behavioural change. The application has to support the individuals while working on one concrete habit by providing them with more structure and support in doing so.
During this Living Lab research, MICT is responsible for the user research. The research starts with an environmental scan to detect drivers and barriers of behavioral change and existing applications that support that change. In a next step different stakeholders of the ecosystem are interviewed to detect their needs and wants as well as their initial attitude towards an application such as the one that Unicorn wants to develop. Via a proxy technology assessment, the contextual factors influencing the usage are detected and features are optimized accordingly.


MICT is responsible for the state of the art, interviews and proxy technology assessment.


The project runs from 01/12/2013 till 30/12/2014

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