Quick Guide: First time logon to imec resources - audience : new members research groups

This article outlines the steps for a smooth first-time logon to imec resources especially for new members from the research groups.

Prerequisite : You receive your login credentials from the management assistant of your department!!


User account format, email address and display name:

First logon to office.com:

Tip : research members have mostly already an office 365 account from their university. To avoid conflicts open another browser for imec or create another browser profile.

  • Go to Office.com Tip : bookmark this URL !
  • Select Sign in
  • Enter your full account name {partoflastname}nn@imec.be (not your email address !!)
  • Click Next
  • Enter your received password
  • Click Sign in
  • a wizard to configure Multi Factor Authentication will popup. Follow the instructions to configure and enter your mobile number for future use of MFA.
  • Now you should be logged into office 365


Change your (initial) password:

  • In office.com select the settings/gear icon  in the upper richt corner
  • Select Change your password to create your personal:
  • Your password...
  • ... has to be at least 8 characters long
  • ... includes at least one character from three of these four categories:
  • Uppercase characters (A to Z)
  • Lowercase characters (a to z)
  • Numbers (0 to 9)
  • Symbols (for example: !, $, #, % etc.)
  • ... doesn’t include three or more consecutive characters from your login or full name
  • ... isn’t linked to any publicly known data (for example: telephone number, date of birth of your children/wife/husband/ etc.)
  • ... has to be aligned with the Password History of 24 – this means that you can’t use the same password again until it has been changed at least 24 times 


imec Teams:

  • The main imec collaboration tool
  • can be accessed from the local installed microsoft teams app or using your internet browser (same log in method as for office.com):
  • home.imec.be
  • teams.microsoft.com
  • Very important link to become familiar with the tools and apps è imec Teams Help Portal. Here you find info about the specific apps and knowledge articles.


Secure Access:

  • access port to your imec administration tasks like:
  • imec Time
  • Travel Request
  • SAP Self Service
  • ...
  • in your internet browser go to secure-access.imec.be (bookmark !!)
  • Click Proceed
  • Enter your account name as username (e.g. jansse23)
  • Enter your password
  • Sign in
  • Enter your Multi Factor Authentication code or accept in your MFA app
  • Click Proceed


Employee Center:

  • ICT and HR help portal
  • KBA's 
  • accessible from the imec teams app => Tools => Quick Links => Employee Center
  • Search for KBA's or log an incident
  • accessible from secure-access.imec.be
  • direct link : imec.service-now.com/sp
  • sign in with your imec account (e.g. jansse23@imec.be)