dr. Jeroen Bourgonjon

Affiliated member the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University.

Jeroen Bourgonjon


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Jeroen Bourgonjon is the coordinator of Delta, an interdisciplinary group of Ghent University researchers who want to ensure digital innovation serves both individuals and society, through awareness-raising, intersectoral dialogue and long-term strategy planning. Delta brings together technologists, social scientists, and health researchers to explore and develop sustainable digital innovation that can make our lives happier, safer, and healthier.

As a societal impact evangelist, Jeroen advocates broad, pro-active, sustainable, and long-term collaboration between academia, policy, industry and the public. He has co-founded the Flemish chapter of the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA Flanders), he is a permanent jury member for the Flemish Audiovisual Fund Games Commission (VAF), and he has been coordinating and supporting society impact creation by Ghent University researchers in De Krook.

As a researcher, Jeroen is studying the interplay between technology, culture and education. His main research interests are video gaming, artificial intelligence, and robotics. His work has been published in several SCCI-indexed academic journals (such as New Media & Society, Computers & Education, and Computers & Human Behavior).

As an educator, Jeroen teaches ‘The Knowledge Society & ICT’ (Ma Engineering), an interdisciplinary course on sustainable digital innovation. He also gives guest lectures in theoretical courses ‘Cultuur & Educatie’ (Ba Educational Studies) and ‘Culture Studies’ (Ma Social Work).

Jeroen holds a bachelor degree in social work (2004), a master in educational sciences (2008), a teacher proficiency degree (2010), and a PhD in educational studies (2015).