dr. Jeroen Bourgonjon

Affiliated member the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University.

Jeroen Bourgonjon


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Jeroen Bourgonjon is a post-doctoral researcher studying on the interplay between technology, culture and education. His main research interests are video gaming, robotics and virtual reality. He holds a bachelor degree in social work (2004), a master in educational sciences (2008), a teacher proficiency degree (2010), and a PhD in educational studies (2015).

In his doctoral research, Jeroen explored what people learn from video games either when they are playing at home with our friends (informal learning) or when they play/design games in the classroom (formal learning). He addressed theoretical questions about the new and emerging meaning-making processes in video games, but also tackled more practical issues on how to use video games in traditional classrooms and in teacher training programs.

Currently, Jeroen coordinates and supports societal impact creation by Ghent University researchers in De Krook. He serves as the first point of contact for all UGent questions related to De Krook. In addition, Jeroen teaches the theoretical courses ‘Cultuur & Educatie’ (Ba Educational Studies) and ‘Culture Studies’ (Ma Social Work), and practical classes on teaching in the Honour Programme Education.

Jeroen is also affiliated with the research group Culture & Education (Department of Educational Studies, UGent). Since May 2013, he serves as the Chair of the Flemish chapter of the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA Flanders). He is also a permanent jury member for the Flemish Audiovisual Fund Games Commission (VAF) His work has been published in several SCCI-indexed academic journals (such as New Media & Society, Computers & Education, and Computers & Human Behavior).