dr. Klaas Bombeke

Senior researcher at the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University.

Klaas Bombeke 2


Experimental design
Human-technology interactions (HCI)


Klaas Bombeke obtained his degree of Master in Experimental and Theoretical Psychology in 2012 at Ghent University. Next, he started to work as a junior researcher for the then called iMinds-MICT, where he conducted user experience experiments on stereoscopic 3D technology and image/video quality assessment. Eager to learn more about advanced neurophysiological methodologies, he then moved to the Department of Experimental Psychology (Ghent University) to do a Phd in the field of cognitive neuroscience under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Nico Boehler and Prof. Dr. Wim Notebaert. During this Phd, he learned how to set up and perform fMRI, EEG, ECG, skin-conductance, and combined EEG-eyetracking experiments. In terms of content, the focus of his doctoral research was the interaction between pupil size and early sensory and attentional processing of visual stimuli.
After finishing his Phd in July 2017, Klaas returned to the now-called imec-mict-UGent to perform neurophysiological experiments in the broad field of human-technology interaction, focusing on the identification of clear neural markers of psychological phenomena like stress, mental effort, emotions or flow. A future goal is to integrate these findings with advanced techniques from the field of machine learning and statistics, potentially leading to interesting developments for brain-computer interfaces or other real-life applications.