Kristof Boghe

Junior researcher at the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University.

Kristof Boghe


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Computational social sciences
Data analysis and statistical modelling
Machine Learning
Social sciences methodology


Kristof Boghe has a master’s degree in communication sciences (KU Leuven) and obtained a Teaching Degree (SLO, KU Leuven). He entered the job market as a high-school civics teacher, but he quickly turned to academia and became a teaching assistant in Media Effects (KU Leuven). During this period, he developed a keen interest in data science and statistical modelling. He developed his analytical skills further in the private sector as a marketing researcher at iVOX, where he specialized in modeling (political) voting behavior and voter targeting analyses. He refined some of these techniques further when working as a data-consultant for TriFinance, where he modeled career paths and lengths of consultants to improve the HR practices of the company.

Currently, Kristof is a teaching assistant for the Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences (BScSS). His research interests lie in all things related to the computational turn in the social sciences and digital methods. He’s fascinated with the question how the sheer abundance and availability of digital data can give us new insights on the inner workings of our (offline or online) social world. More specifically, he wants to unravel the implications of doing research in the age of big data on theory formation within communication sciences.