dr. Anissa All

Senior researcher at the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University.

Anissa All 

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Digital game-based learning
Living lab


Anissa All started working as a researcher at imec-mict-Ghent University in July 2011. She mainly was involved in projects concerning digital game-based learning and Living Lab projects. In January 2013, Anissa started working on a PhD, funded by IWT (agency for Innovation by Science & Technology), where she has developed a procedure for assessing the effectiveness of digital-games based learning aimed at cognitive learning outcomes.

She is currently working as a post-doctoral researcher at mict, where she will be mainly in charge of valorization of research results and innovation cycles at De Krook. Anissa is also a doctoral assistant the field of study on New Media & Society at the Communication Department.