dr. Jonas De Meulenaere

Senior researcher at the research group for Media, Innovation and Communication Technologies, Department of Communication Sciences, UGent.

Jonas De Meulenaere


Jonas.DeMeulenaere@UGent.be     |     +329 264 67 11


Social media
Media practices
Social capital
Civic engagement


Jonas De Meulenaere is a senior researcher at imec-mict UGent and a research and teaching assistant at the communication sciences department of Ghent University.

Jonas Holds a PhD (March, 2020) in communication sciences. In his doctoral dissertation, he investigated the communicative dynamics of online neighborhood networks and their roles concerning local community development and local social support exchange. To do so, he employed a multi-method approach, involving both quantitative and qualitative techniques. Currently, he is further exploring both the antecedents and social ramifications of online neighborhood network use, thereby focusing on issues such as online conflict and conflict management, community and civic participation, social capital, and urban and rural differences.

Jonas obtained his master degree in communication sciences at Ghent University (2010). After graduating he started as a junior researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, where he was part of the iMinds-SMIT research group (2011-2014). There he was involved in several iMinds research projects that focused on digital media in the home and video quality. From 2014 onward, Jonas works as a research and teaching assistant at Ghent University, supporting the courses Media Psychology and Sociology, Quantitative Methods, Digital Methods, International Communication, and Interactive Media and Entertainment.