Seminar by Lieven Penninck founder of PlanOpSim

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10-01-2020 from 09:30 to 11:00
iGent, Technologiepark Zwijnaarde 15, 9052
Kamal Kaur
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Title of the seminar - “Optical Metasurfaces: how-to replace bulky lenses by sub-wavelength structures".

The first NB-Photonics seminar of 2020 will take place on 10th January (in AUD iGent). Lieven Penninck founder of PlanOpSim will give a talk on “Optical Metasurfaces: how-to replace bulky lenses by sub-wavelength structures".


Lieven Penninck received a PhD on Photonics Engineering from Ghent University (Belgium) in 2013 on development of simulation methods for OLED and liquid crystal devices. Outside of academia he worked on LCD display R&D at TPVision/Philips TV and at Fluxim as a technical consultant on simulation and measurement tools for OLEDs and solar cells. In 2019 he founded PlanOpSim to develop and offer numerical simulation software for the design of metasurfaces, metalenses and planar optics in general. Aside from software development, PlanOpSim also provides optical design services to the photonics and optics industry.


For more details on the talk see the abstract below.



11.30  -  11:35   Introduction by Kristiaan Neyts (AUD iGent, 1st floor)

11:35  -  12:20   Seminar by Lieven Penninck

12.20  -  12.30   Discussion

12.30  -  13.00   Sandwich Lunch (in Foyer 1.1 on first floor of iGent Tower)



In the last decade metasurfaces have developed from a scientific curiosum into a highly active research topic where applications are being pursued for frequencies from the RF-range to THz, far- and near infra-red and visible light. A metasurface relies on sub-wavelength structuring to tune its response to incident light in a way that cannot be achieved using conventional materials. This led to demonstrations of unprecedented functionalities such as lenses with ultra-short focus or fully achromatic lenses with only a fraction of the weight of a conventional lens and components capable of replacing multiple others by a single one. Notwithstanding this remarkable progress metasurfaces still have to be demonstrated as a performant, reliable and economically viable alternative in industrial applications. This talk will give an overview of the underlying principles and various applications of metasurfaces. Modern photonics design relies on detailed device simulation to design and optimize sub-wavelength structures and metasurface components. Simulation of metalenses requires optical modelling from the nano-scale to the macroscale. We present an overview of the various approaches used in literature as well as our own commercial package (PlanOpSim).