Seeking participants for a research study: “Modulation of the cerebellar activity with tDCS in patients diagnosed with schizophrenia”

(07-06-2023) Study aims to understand brain mechanisms behind social cognition and the effects of brain stimulation. Participants will undergo MRI scans while performing social cognition tasks. Findings will guide future tDCS-based treatments for schizophrenia.

After filling in the online eligibility questionnaire, the eligible participants will be invited to participate in the study, which is composed of a data collection session of approximately 2 hours. The session will take place at the University Hospital Brussels. All participants will receive a compensation of 50 euros for their time, at the end of the visit.

  • Doelgroep: We are looking for people with the diagnosis of schizophrenia (18-64 years). If you are interested or know someone with these characteristics, please complete the following questionnaire:
  • Uiterste datum: 2024-03-31
  • Vakgroep: Hoofd en Huid
  • Naam: Department Head and Skin- Ghent Experimental Psychiatry (GHEP) Lab
  • Website:
  • E-mail: