Workshop 'AUTOMATA 2018'

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Medewerkers, Bedrijven
20-06-2018 15:25 tot 22-06-2018 15:25
Het Pand, Onderbergen 1, 9000 Gent
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Jan Baetens
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The 24th annual international workshop on cellular automata and discrete complex systems

AUTOMATA 2018 is the twenty-fourth workshop in a series of events established in 1995. These workshops aim:
• To establish and maintain a permanent, international, multidisciplinary forum for the collaboration of researchers in the field of Cellular Automata (CA) and Discrete Complex Systems (DCS).
• To provide a platform for presenting and discussing new ideas and results.
• To support the development of theory and applications of CA and DCS (e.g. parallel computing, physics, biology, social sciences, and others) as long as fundamental aspects and their relations are concerned.
• To identify and study within an inter- and multidisciplinary context, the important fundamental aspects, concepts, notions and problems concerning CA and DCS.