Lezing 'Critical Issues in Citizenship Studies Lecture Series - Greti-Iulia Ivana'

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Studenten, Medewerkers, Alumni, Journalisten
24-11-2017 van 13:00 tot 14:30
Film-Plateau, Paddenhoek 3, 9000 Gent
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Department of Sociology, Centre for Social Theory, prof. Lesley Hustinx
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The CICS international lecture series is a public series organized by the Centre for Social Theory research group with the support of the I@H fund.

3rd lecture of the CICS international lecture series: Greti-Iulia Ivana, Uppsala University
Title: Social bonds, intersectionality and relational sociology: gaps and links
Extended abstract:
The construction of strong durable social bonds is a central aspect of social life, with great implications on large scale phenomena, such as social inclusion/segregation, incentives for involvement in public affairs, and reproduction, negotiation and reinforcement of social norms. Ivana proposes an excursion through the various analyses of bonds under the umbrella of relational sociology. Within this section, formal relationism, historic relationism, interactionist/phenomenological relationism and post ‘80s relationism will be touched upon. Secondly, Ivana discusses how intersectionality, structuralist at its core, can be put into dialogue with a relational approach, to capture the importance of dimensions such as class, gender and ethnicity in a procesual, inter-connected, non-essentializing way.