Symposium 'Vet2030'

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Studenten, Medewerkers, Alumni
06-02-2018 van 09:00 tot 17:30
Auditorium Maximum, Salisburylaan 133, 9820 Merelbeke
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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
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Passionate PhD students and veterinary specialists in training present the most exciting and diverse research at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

The Vet2030 Research Symposium aims at reaching a broad audience to create or strengthen collaborations within our faculty. PhD’s and residents will present their most exciting research as an oral presentation in a short TED-talk format. Two prizes will be awarded for the best presentations, one by the public and one by a jury consisting of emeriti.
The research topics that will be presented show the diversity of the research at the faculty of Veterinary Medicine. This ranges from clinical studies in companion animals to antimicrobial resistance in production animals, and from convolutional neural networks for ECG analysis to the carcinogenicity of the consumption of red meat.
Come and discover why Ghent University has been ranked first for veterinary sciences in the Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects!

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