Lezing 'The mechanics of semaphorin-plexin cell guidance signaling'

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Studenten, Medewerkers, Alumni, Bedrijven
17-04-2018 van 11:00 tot 12:15
UGent-VIB-onderzoeksgebouw, Technologiepark 927, 9052 Zwijnaarde
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VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation Research (GE01/WE14/WE10)
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Prof. E. Yvonne Jones (Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford) will present her work on semaphorins.

Cell guidance cues are secreted or cell surface attached proteins that interact with receptors to trigger direct, sub-cellular changes to the cytoskeleton resulting in cell attraction or repulsion. Although cell guidance cues were first characterized by their role in the development of the nervous system they are ubiquitous, functioning both during embryogenesis and in adult tissue homoeostasis. There are four classic cell guidance cue families: the netrins, slits, ephrins and semaphorins. The semaphorins are usually thought of as repulsive guidance cues, however, their effects can be attractive or repulsive. Examples of semaphorin-plexin neuronal functions include axon and dendrite guidance, neuronal migration, target recognition and synaptogenesis. Non-neuronal roles range from vascular patterning through to organogenesis and immune cell function. I will discuss our current knowledge of the molecular structures and mechanisms underlying semaphorin-plexin signalling system function.